• 50 km in pure EV mode
  • Up to 70% lower fuel consumption
  • 3 hybrid driving modes
  • No gears/clutch in EV mode
  • Increased power and acceleration
  • Less noise and vibrations

  • Massive low-end torque
  • Unlimited range
  • Online fleet management

Performance EV Mode PHEV Mode
Power 110 Hp 210 Hp
Torque 950 Nm 950 Nm
Top speed 80 km/h 140 km/h
Range 50 km Unlimited

User Interface

7″ Touchscreen is integrated seamlessly into original front panel.
Driver can see energy efficiency, fuel consumption, control control hybrid driving modes, climate system.

Interface provides system status, charging
information, energy use.

Following driving modes are available:

EV MODE – Pure electric traction
POWER MODE – Depletes battery while driving
SAVE MODE – Maintains battery capacity
CHARGE MODE – Charges battery while driving

Electric Powertrain Specifications

Powertrain Specifications
Motor Type LCM-200 AC Induction
Drive Type Direct Shaft
Efficiency 93.5 %
Cooling Liquid
Drive System Weight 110 kg
Battery Weight 195 kg
Battery Specifications
Capacity 20 kWh
Voltage 295 V
Cell Type LiFePo4 Prismatic
Charger Power 6.6 kW / 32A
Charging Time 3.5 hours
Battery Lifetime 3000 cycles / 80% DOD


Automatic climate control is integrated with 5 kW electric heater and 4.5 kW efficient high voltage powered A/C unit. 
Optionally – Webasto diesel heater is available for cold climate areas.

Base Vehicle Specifications

Van Base Vehicle
Base Vehicle Type Iveco Daily 35S12V
Wheelbase 3520L
Engine F1A - 116 Hp E6
G.V.W. 3500 kg - 3800kg
Fuel Tank 70 L
Rear Axle 3.917
Gearbox Manual
Wheels Single
Chassis Cab Base Vehicle
Base Vehicle Type Iveco Daily 35S12
Wheelbase 3750 mm
Engine F1A - 116 Hp E6
G.V.W. 3500 kg - 3800kg
Fuel Tank 70 L
Rear Axle 4.222
Gearbox Manual
Wheels Single