In-house developed and manufactured powerful drive-train components and battery systems. All our components are designed for heavy-duty applications.

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Power Electronics

4th generation motor controller is designed using latest Infineon IGBT technology to deliver industry’s highest power and current density.
Motor controller is embedded with IFOC algorithm to allowing
induction motor to perform in high power and instant torque applications.

Motor controller is designed to be used for commercial vehicle applications,
machinery, marine, military or other traction

  • Wide input voltage range 250 – 450 V
  • Up to 160 kW power
  • Up to 750 A RMS phase current
  • Reliable Infineon IGBT technology
  • IFOC sinusoidal control
  • -40C to +75C temperature ranges


In-House developed induction motors are very
compact with only 310mm in diameter – providing up to
1200 Nm of torque.

  • Induction Type
  • Up to 1200 Nm
  • Up to 200 kW
  • 115 kg weight
  • 300V to 450V

Battery Systems

Our LiFePo4 technology battery systems are designed for commercial applications. Integrated BMS and climate control ensures 3000+ charge cycles.

Energy storage systems are rated 20 kWh, 29 kWh and 60 kWh.

All battery systems are IP 69 rated and designed to withstand 20 G impact.

  • Enhanced safety LiFePo4 cells.
  • Integrated automotive BMS
  • Internal heater.
  • More than 3000 cycles (70% DOD).
  • 500 Ohm / V Leakage current protection.
  • Dual 500A contactors with pre-charge system.
  • 350-550A Emergency disconnect fuse.
  • Quick DC connector (Amphenol PowerLok series)

Vehicle Control Unit

4th Generation Hybrid Control Unit. Universal vehicle control module, based on dual STM microprocessors.

  • 4xCAN bus
  • 12 Low power outputs.
  • 6 High power outputs
  • 16 ADC / Digital inputs.
  • RS232 Modbus support.
  • Advanced CAN-bus diagnostics.
  • OTA via CAN-bus.
  • Vehicle stability control.
  • J1939 CAN-bus support.
  • Fleet Management System support.

User Interface

Automotive / Industrial grade multi-touch capacitive LCD, IPS panel for e-drive system control.

Software and GUI design can be easily modified for specific application.

2 Versions available – 7” and 9.7” GUI screens.