Experience full electric traction without any range limitations.

Our unique intelligent hybrid drive system provides best driving experience in pure electric and 3 different hybrid modes.


With 130 Hp electric motor provides 50 km in electric mode.


Average fuel consumption is 2.7 l/100 km with < 75 g/km CO2 emmisions


iPHEV senses the green zones by GPS and switches to electric drive mode automatically.


Making a Difference - Where It Matters 


Select 70 kWh or 90 kWh option for range up to 185 km

In-house developed 150kW, 700Nm drive system provides great acceleration even at 7.0t load.



Pure electric - zero emmision traction at all times


Range of up to 185 km in real driving conditions


Fleet management system and smartphone app


Zero emmision traction - at all times 


Elinta Motors designs, develops and produces high powered EV / PHEV components in-house with the main focus on sustainable commercial transportation. 


Drive System Development

Standard or customized drive systems production

Vehicle Prototyping

Vehicle e-drive system prototyping, certification

Battery Systems

Battery system design and development


Diesel and Electric motors combined can produce over 1200 Nm of torque and 400 HP



Terminalo str. 3, Biruliskes LT-54469 Kaunas district, Lithuania

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IBAN :LT90 7044 0600 0308 9577

SEB Bank Group Lithuania SWIFT: CBVILT2X

+370 37 351 987

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ELINTA group was established in 1991. It is an innovative group with high growth technology business projects. Since 2010, Elinta group has been pooling experience in the electric mobility field including drive, battery and charging systems. With main focus set on drive system development in 2014 – Elinta Motors started to develop own products for commercial e-mobility.

With main focus set on drive system development in 2014 – Elinta Motors started to develop own products for commercial e-mobility. Elinta Motors unit is engaged in design, development, and production of drive and battery system products.

Elinta Motors has developed universal PHEV and EV drive system solutions for 3.5 t- 7.2 t trucks and buses. With all in-house development including 950Nm, 150kW motor; 450V / 600A motor controller, battery management system, hybrid control module we can provide high reliability and efficiency drive system for any commercial vehicle application.

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  •   Terminalo st. 3 LT-54469 Kaunas FEZ
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