Elinta Motors specializes in electric and plug-in hybrid vehilces drive systems development, integration and production. Our main products are iPHEV and Pure EV vans and small busses up to 5.5t. 


All of the vehicles are equipped with GSM and GPS telemetry systems, remote diagnostics and service.


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iPHEV is a technology brought from the latest super-cars to everyday use, combining maximum power with efficiency. Commercial vehicle which has all the advantages of zero emissions vehicles, while having unlimited range using combustion engine outside the city green zones. 
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EV Daily
Iveco Daily EV represents the future of urban transportation: in fact, it is classified as a ZEV (Zero-Emission Vehicle), therefore it is a commercial vehicle which is not subject to the traffic restrictions which apply to internal combustion vehicles. Ideal for short range missions and for door to door deliveries, the Iveco Daily EV optimises the advantages of the electric drive: it instantly develops maximum torque from the motor and it is silent and ecological. 
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